There are many opportunities to Share Christ’s Ministry at Benn’s United Methodist Church. All are welcome and invited to participate in our ministries, small groups and church fundraising activities.

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 Benn’s Church Shepherd Card Ministry

Shepherd volunteers keep "watch" over a number of church families, usually 6-9 families in her/his care.

Shepherds get to know and keep in contact with their “flock families” throughout the year by checking on their well-being. Various ways to do this can include, chatting at church, making phone calls, sending handwritten notes, email, planned visits, etc. As well, most shepherds enjoy sending their flock members greeting cards for Holidays or special occasions such as: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well Cards, Accomplishments, etc.

Shepherds are asked to stand in support with their “flock members” during baptisms or when any new members join the church. The Shepherds coordinator will coordinate this effort.

The Shepherd’s Coordinator will provide you with a list of your flock families that will include contact and other general information about each family member(s). Shepherds are asked to forward any new or updated contact information regarding your “flock families” to the church secretary Jane Jones at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The Shepherds usually meet twice a year, typically in May and again in October. The Shepherds host the last Thursday Night Dinner of the season by preparing and serving the dinner in May.

If you are interested in becoming a Shepherd, please contact Sherri Gill.


Ladies of the church meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday to prepare and deliver homemade meals to fellow church members that are homebound, sick or recovering from illness. For more information contact Mary Nancy Saunders.

Caring Meals Report 2022

With a great amount of joy, the Caring Meals Team celebrates four years of providing once monthly meals and visits to members of the Benn’s Church family who are homebound or recovering from an illness or surgery! Over the course of the past year, 165 meals were prepared and delivered to households of our church members. During the past four years, meals have been provided for a total of 78 folks in our church family - at times on a shortterm basis and in other situations on a longerterm basis. A huge thank you is extended to the following volunteers who are some very good cooks: Sarah Perez, Susan Sadler, Sherri Gill, Mary Lou Bowen, Hunter Jones, and Emma Jean Brady. Thank you also to the church for the monetary support of this ministry. Providing this monthly meal and visit to our beloved members makes us happy!

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Children and youth often serve as acolytes in The United Methodist Church. They may carry in the light of Christ, the processional cross, banners or Bible. Acolytes have been part of the church in one form or another for nearly 2,000 years. They may also assist the pastor or other worship leaders with communion, baptism and other duties. Children and youth often serve as acolytes, but adults may serve as well. Youth age 10 years and older can receive training to serve as an Acolyte for the 11:00am Traditional Service. For more information contact Ann Woleben.