Red Bird Missions

Dec 7, 2020 by

This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the plans to support the Henderson Settlement community at Christmas have changed. The Settlement is going to have families register during September for the December Christmas Gift Event, and when doing so, provide the age and gender of each child, along with a wish list. This registration and wish list will allow the coordinators to purchase specific gifts for each family, package them, and take them to Henderson in December for families to pick up at the settlement in time for Christmas. So, instead of collecting items for Henderson Settlement, we are asking for monetary donations to purchase Christmas gifts only. Last year, over 200 children received Christmas gifts that were donated by churches in our area. They expect to serve more children this year than last. A goal for the district is to raise $15,000 to purchase gifts to provide Christmas presents to the neediest children of Bell County who would otherwise have no Christmas. We hope that you will continue to support this mission, especially in these most unfortunate times and circumstances. Please consider making a monetary donation for the Henderson Settlement Christmas Mission. You can do so by sending a check with “Henderson Mission” in the memo line. October 25th is the deadline to send monetary donations, so that the ladies of Bethany UMC will have time to purchase and package all the gifts for each family.

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