Benn’s Caring Meals 2020

Jun 7, 2020 by

News from the Caring Meals Team As of June 2020, the Caring Meals Team celebrated two full years of providing meals and visits to homebound members as well as those recovering from illness/surgery. Although the COVID-19 pandemic slowed us down a bit with the stay at home order in the spring (no deliveries were made in April), we continued in May by dropping off treat bags to 14 church members. At the current time, we are unable to visit in the homes of our members, but we are continuing to provide meals safely prepared at church and wear masks/gloves at all times during food preparation and dropping off. From June 2019 – August 2020, 169 meals have been prepared for a total of 98 visits/drop-offs. Over the past 2+ years, 50 church members have received a Caring Meal which we hope has warmed their hearts as we attempt to put Jesus’ teachings into practice. The Caring Meals Team, consisting of Cecelia Culpepper, Sarah Perez, Mary Jane Richter, Emma Jean Brady, Sherri Gill, Hunter Jones, Mary Lou Bowen, & MN Saunders, feels blessed to be able to provide this ministry. In the future when the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, more volunteers will be welcome to join us!

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