New Sermon Series-Jan. 2019

Dec 28, 2018 by

Please join us during the month of January for the new sermon series, When We’re Left to Ask “Why…?”. 

   Have you ever been left to ask why?  If God is good and powerful, why do terrible things happen?  Why do we suffer?  When we pray, why does God sometimes seem to be silent?  Absent?  It can leave us wondering, Is God there?  Does God care?

In this three-week sermon series, we will explore these questions and how we reconcile them with the Christian portrayal of God’s love.  If you have ever wrestled with these questions, please join us on the following dates at both our Crossroads Contemporary Service at 9:00am (Family Life Center-first floor) and Traditional Service (Sanctuary) at 11:00am.

   January 6, 2019: If God is Powerful, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

  January 13, 2019: If God is Loving, Why Do We Suffer?

  January 20, 2019: If God is Present, Why Can’t I Tell? 


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