What is Companions in Christ?

Aug 12, 2018 by

Companions in Christ is:

a small group of people praying together.

an opportunity for daily individual reading and reflection.

a focus on how you experience God.

a group supporting your spiritual growth.

a group reaching out to other Companions groups.

an opportunity to learn various styles and forms of prayer.

a record or journal of your walk with Christ.

an invitation to let scripture form your faith.

a time to reflect on where God is calling you and to affirm the gifts God has given you.

a discovery of spiritual friends who will listen to and pray for you.

A new group will be starting in September. Stay tuned; more soon!

Comments on Companions In Christ

“This Companions In Christ class is a very in-depth study in one’s spiritual journey. I got so much out of how to study scripture and how to pray and meditate with purpose.

“With proper time and attention to the daily readings and the specific meditations, you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and grow closer to Jesus.”

“Rev. Betsy is a delightful, knowledgeable facilitator and keeps the class on track!”

— Cindy Vaughan

“This is not a Bible study, though we read the Bible. This is not a prayer group, though we pray a lot. This is not a support group, though we support each other and others in need through our silent prayers and communication with God.

“We experienced new ways to read the Bible and pray about what we have read. We experienced new ways to express our thoughts and feelings about God, through art, music, and words.

“We spent more time listening to God instead of talking about ourselves; in other words, we prayed. And we even shared what God-given talents we saw in each other.”

— Sarah Martin


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